August 1st, 2016

It was just before 2:00 AM when Green Bay native Brandon Konitzer was driving home down Adams Street and something caught his eye in a desolate parking lot under the Mason Street Bridge.

A slow-moving figure with an astoundingly white face trudging along carrying what looked like black balloons under the orange haze of the dark street's sodium lights. 


Slowing down for a better look, it soon became clear to Brandon that the figure he was staring at was someone, or something, dressed like a clown.  It was a sight that Brandon couldn't really make sense of immediately. What was a clown doing on the streets of Green Bay, Wisconsin in the middle of the night?


And this wasn't just any ordinary, happy clown. This clown was... different. Its face motionles with eyes hollow and black. It donned a decrepit suit that was dingy and stained. Just above its head, the wind tussled four black balloons while the strings remained clutched in the clown's right hand.

Brandon put his vehicle in park and snapped these five pictures on his cellphone before being discovered by the clown, which led him to wisely drive off.  The five pictures were eventually uploaded to Brandon's personal Facebook page where they were shared over 8,900 times, making the clown everyone calls Gags a viral sensation while at the same time striking fear in the hearts of Green Bay's terrified citizens.


But this was only the beginning...